1 Day. 3 Interviews. Became a Full Stack Engineer :)

I graduated in Computer Science in May 2021. Like other students, I was also worried about getting a job as a fresher. I attempted all the college placements. But, I used to fail in the written test itself. I did not let these failures affect me. Through consistent efforts, I got a job in a Technical Support team at Sutherland.

However, my goal was to settle as a product developer. But, I felt that this job was not going to make me reach my goal. So, I did not join the role. At that time, I only had basic knowledge of programming which was not sufficient to reach my goal.

Meeting CCBP 4.0

I was determined to strengthen my technical skills. As I was looking for various platforms, I stumbled upon CCBP 4.0 which stood out. Finally, I joined the CCBP Tech 4.0 Intensive program. What made the cut for me was the hands-on training through real-world projects.

During CCBP 4.0 Tech Intensive Program

With my eagerness to learn more, I stayed consistent in learning and practising. This helped me a lot. Practising, again and again, made me develop strong fundamentals and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. So, one of my big learnings in the last few months is understanding the power of consistency. XPM 4.0 classes helped me in this area.

The aspect I loved most about CCBP 4.0 is the way the trainers teach. They are the best part of the program. My heartfelt thanks to Rahul Attluri. The speciality of his teaching is that he analyzes concepts and explains them such that even a non-technical student can also understand them easily. I fell in love with learning and ended up learning concepts faster.

Hands-on application right after learning a concept was the key to remembering it all. Learning through projects made me practice the application of the concepts again and again. This way, I recalled the concepts and methods faster when I needed them..

Graduating from CCBP 4.0

Once I was thorough with the concepts and application, I started preparing my resume. I’ve attempted many mock tests to be ready for the final placement assessment test. Thankfully, the placement support team guided me through each step. I ended up attending 3 interviews for 3 different roles on a single day. This was my most memorable experience.

Now I’m a Jr.Full Stack Engineer at StackAvenue . Finally I’ve achieved my dream of becoming a tech professional.

Future ahead

CCBP 4.0 has been the best learning experience I’ve ever got in my life. I feel motivated to reach greater heights in my career. I would love to continue my learning in CCBP 4.0 and reach advanced levels in the tech domain.